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X-value and Should You Use It To Sell Your Home?
Should X-value be used to price your home? Only when certain criteria are met. Read to find out more.
Singapore's Real Estate Prices Will not Crash in 2023, Here's Why
Leading up to 2023, the market has been flushed with negative news of the impending recession and high interest rates, coupled with the collapse of real estate in major economies such as Australia, China and the USA. However, here’s why we do not expect real estate prices in Singapore to crash in 2023.
Real Estate in 2023: Fears & Opportunities
Should you put your purchase decisions on hold due to an impending recession & high interest rates? Confused with mixed signals in the economy? Read on!
2022 cooling measures: What to expect moving forward (HDB Version)
In view of the persistent double digit growth of the resale HDB markets, the government has imposed the 2nd HDB cooling measure on the 29th of September.
6 Points to Consider when Choosing Your Dream Home
Buying your Dream home is an exciting journey but what are some pitfalls to avoid? Here are 6 points to consider when choosing your home.
Jalan Anak Bukit Integrated Mixed-use GLS Site 
The Jalan Anak Bukit project is envisioned to be a mixed-use integrated transport hub, will be an iconic development that will boost transport connectivity and inject more vibrancy to the precinct.
is your hdb an asset?
Can Your HDB Safeguard Your Retirement?
Live within your means, take less debt. In an era of rising costs of living? Can the traditional methods of home ownership still work?
Should You Buy Real Estate in a Rising Inflationary Environment?
With rising inflation and interest rates, will this be a wise time to purchase a piece of real estate?
Urban Transformation Trends in Singapore
As Singapore continues to push for decentralization and a holistic Live. Work. Play. environment for its people. Here are some areas which will experience significant changes over the next few years.
Should You Consider Resale Leasehold Condos?
Do 99-leasehold condominiums depreciate similar to HDB? We analyzed over 30, 20 year old developments and this is what we found.
Why Your First Property Purchase is Important
A home is where memories are built but what if a home can be more than that? A home which provides options as the family needs changes.
sub-sale under construction
Sub-sale: A Market Segment to Consider in 2022
With limited desirable new launch units available and peak resale prices, the sub-sale segment should be highly considered in 2022.
Should age eligibility to own HDB be reduced?
With data showing a growing proportion of singles within the ages 30-34, should the government lower the eligibility age for singles to purchase a flat to call Home?
Are You Over-leveraged On Your Mortgage?
Are we experiencing the ‘frog in boiling pot’ syndrome, over-leveraging and living beyond our means in 2022?
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider North Gaia
North Gaia is a new launch EC in Yishun in a decade and has upside potential.
Belgravia Ace Review - The Last Freehold Strata Landed
property cooling measure 2021
Property Cooling Measures 2021
2021 Cooling Measures and what to expect next.
Renting a Place in Singapore during Covid-19
The rental market has seen an uptick in demand with the support of Covid-19 and the recent slew of new launches, prompting current home sellers to profit from the resale market.
Showcase the premium of The Watergardens at Canberra
The Watergardens at Canberra Review
With an expected launch price from $13XX - $14XX PSF, it is very competitively priced, slightly higher than recent new launch transactions in the area and significantly cheaper than recent OCR launches. Price is also further supported by recent resale transactions.
Parc Greenwich
Parc Greenwich - Why You Will Desire It
Parc Greenwich - The last executive condominium launch for 2021 in a very desirable Sengkang New Town and why you should consider it.