How we sold this 4-room at Fernvale Link in 3 days

Goh Weihan
Goh Weihan


Fernvale is one of the newer neighborhoods in Sengkang. 

By public transportation, it is three LRT stations away from the main Sengkang station and serviced mainly by bus services – 163 and 50. 

For drivers, the main artery road is Sengkang West Ave.

Overall, connectivity in this area is at best, average.

The unit we were tasked to sell was a top-floor unit (definitely a big plus), however, it was East-West facing which tends to be less desirable.  

So how did we achieve a quick sale and $25,000 above the owners expectations?

Photos & Copywriting

Buyers buy their way out of a home, the more rectifications required to the purchase, the less likely the buyer will offer or the offer will be less than desired. Whilst we understood the owners wanted a quick sale, we held firm to getting the foundations right for the sale.

With just a simple paint job and some packing, the difference was stark.



Emotional Touch Points

It is an undeniable fact that buyers will have preconceived notions or ideas of the perfect Home (ie layout, facing, etc) and no two buyers are the same. We preemptively identified these pain points detrimental to the sale of our sellers home and adapted our sales pitch accordingly to dispel buyer concerns. 

Once we could establish the rapport and cleared their emotional barrier, it instilled their confidence in our unit.

If you are interested to understand in detail exactly how we did it, reach out to us!

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