How To Sell Your Home Faster

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Home Selling Yourself

This unit is a 5-room (which already eliminates a large chunk of potential buyers) and let alone being a level 2 unit. It was sold within 1 weekend of viewing.

Let us start by agreeing there is always a house for someone.

Regardless of location, floor, size, someone out there will be willing to purchase your house. No doubt, certain units definitely attract a more niche crowd. However, if this theory is not true, then we will always see empty floors or certain unit facings un-occupiable. So then, why do we still hear of units having no viewings for months after listing? 

The one thing which I have learnt after being in sales and conducting my own home search is – Unless you have a unique set of tastes, your search parameters will be almost similar to the next home purchaser. Here are some pointers which will directly influence the speed of sale of your home.

Photos, Photos, Photos!

Taking Propertyguru as the benchmark, with the available information, actually all listings start off on equal ground as the main Call-to-action (CTA) will be the displayed photograph itself. Good photos will always have more appeal, photos of a nicely furnished unit will definitely obtain a higher click-through rate than one that is dark and messy. In fact, I found myself clicking on empty but clean units as compared to those which were cluttered.

A recommendation will therefore be to take some quality shots of the unit after renovation as this will be when your home probably looks the best.

A Timeless Theme

The theme of the home is a reflection of our heart’s sanctuary and it is easy to throw caution to the wind and get carried away with the renovation at the onset. Keeping in mind prospects buy themselves out of a purchase, in a resale, buyers are already paying a ‘premium’ for the purchase and every remedial action for the unit is a cost and delay to their move-in date.

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